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The name may sound intimidating, but this rich dish is well worth the effort. Its most distinctive flavor comes from a hearty dose of lemongrass sauce and green peas thoran that lend the dish a complex blend of flavor. Served warm, this dish carries a taste of New India. The best thing about scallops? It’s difficult to pick just one, but their versatility is definitely high on the list. You can sauté, bake, or grill scallops; you can serve them in a salad, in a soup, as a side, as the main course, or on their own. Their subtle flavors make them palatable even to those who prefer turf over surf and, all-in-all, scallops are pretty close to perfect. 


Annually we pledge to be at our best during Ramadan in an attempt to start fresh and turn over a healthy new leaf. As eating a healthier diet tops the good intentions list for many this year it is difficult finding healthy options at your favorite restaurants. Look no further as we set our Vegetable Biryani as part of our Iftar menu. 

This delicious layered biryani is fragrant, flavorful, and filling. Perfect for Iftar, dinner and everything in between.

Mango & Avocado Ceviche

Summer means long days filled with outdoor activities and impromptu weekend gatherings. So when the temperature rises, we like to keep the cooking time to a minimum and the kitchen cool with our favorite mango and avocado ceviche, served with aam panna and crispy plantain.


The perfect dinner for warm summer nights! Healthy, fresh and simply delicious! Served cold; enjoy it as your appetizer or as a main course. You’ll be asking for more after you’re done.

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